Established & Knowledgeable

Sokudo Finance is an Established Broker Business run by Experienced Bankers with Experience in Credit, Relationship Management and Transactional Banking.

Our Experience brings knowledge and understanding of what our Customers need, in their business and personally.

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Your Client Experience

At Sokudo Finance we think it is really important you have a fantastic client experience.

Always knowing what stage of the process we are up to and understanding how long things will take, what we need and why.

The world of Lending is a difficult one.  You want to make sure you are being offered the best deal in the market and not limited to one bank. Banks have different rules and policies which is why it helps to have an experienced Property and Commercial Brokers, like us.  Sokudo Finance understand what’s important to you and can help you navigate through the banks and non banks.

We listen.. to you…
We offer you choice and understanding.

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Sokudo Finance Credit Licence

Sokudo Finance made the commitment several years ago to become a Licenced Mortgage Broker.  We wanted to make sure we had access to a wide varity of lending options, not just the standard.  As such there are extra requirements that we must meet similar to the requirements of a bank.

Giving you the comfort that when we recommend a finance option for you or your business, that we have your best interests at heart.

Commercial Brokers Australia

MFAA Accredited

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the peak National body for professional mortgage and Finance Brokers, Mortgage manager and aggregators.

MFAA require a higher level of education and experience from their accredited Members.

Sokudo Finance choose to be accredited with the MFAA to ensure we are up to date with all relevant Industry information and regulations.

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