Bank Finance

When it comes to financing your next development project, the bank is usually your first point of contact for finance. If you have been through a development finance loan application with a bank before, you will know that it is far from straight forward.

Bank appetite for property development can change monthly. Working with Sokudo Finance on your next development project puts you in the position of knowing which banks will even consider providing you with finance BEFORE you make an application for a development finance loan.

Regardless of project size or complexity, property development finance can be reduced to just one guiding factor, RISK. Our experienced Commercial Finance Specialists can help you to identify, quantify and manage the risk profile of your development project and the sourcing of competitive funds to assist with:

  • Residential and affordable housing
  • Land subdivision
  • Commercial offices and business parks
  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Hotels and lifestyle projects

No Pre Sale Construction Finance

If a bank just wont fund your project without a minimum amount of pre-sales, metrics or other ratios. Sokudo Finance can look to source the funds you need through our network of private investors and lenders who are generally less stringent, requiring minimum or no pre-sales and financial statements.

Some key advantages of no pre-sale construction finance can include:

  • No pre-sales
  • No financial statements
  • Borrowers with credit defaults
  • Fast turn around and approval times
  • Finance to owner builders
  • Finance to finish incomplete projects
  • Borrowers with limited project development experience

Mezzanine Finance & Preferred Equity

Mezzanine finance and preferred equity can be a way to increase a property developers borrowing potential, beyond the limitations of traditional construction finance facilities.

Mezzanine finance is a form of subordinated debt, behind senior debt in terms of ranking on any claim on property assets and ahead of equity. Mezzanine finance is generally secured by a second registered mortgage.

This debt fills the lending gap between the property developers equity and the amount of senior debt available. Preferred equity works in a similar way to Mezzanine finance however, the difference being a second mortgage is not registered.

Development project risk is illustrated in this diagram

Development Finance Loans

When there is a shortfall of equity in your development project, Sokudo Finance can look to source the funds you need through our network of private investors.

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