Our Commercial Finance Brokers partner with you to understand the transaction strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. We understand time is valuable in business, working with Sokudo Finance gives you the opportunity to explore multiple lending options without having to tell your story multiple times.

Business & Franchise Finance

We work with business of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis, from a start-up business, a growing business and succession planning. Commercial finance applications require an in depth knowledge of the business and management team.

We can help source flexible business finance tailored to you for:

  • Purchase a new business or franchise
  • Refinance a business loan or commercial property loan
  • Long term working capital requirements
  • Purchase or Invest in commercial property
  • Improve business cashflow

Cashflow Lending

In business cash is king. We work with multiple cashflow lenders who provide a flexible and convenient way to finance your working capital expenses. Applications can be assessed and approved in as little as 2 business days with cash deposited into your account on day 3.

Cashflow lending can be used for:

  • Salaries
  • Stock Purchases
  • Marketing
  • Renovations
  • Projects

Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance is quite simply a line of credit linked to and secured by your outstanding accounts receivable. If your business supplies products or services to other businesses on standard trade credit terms, Debtor Finance can help.
There are a number of variations in how a Debtor Finance service is delivered, ranging from Confidential Invoice Discounting (for larger, more sophisticated businesses with a dedicated finance department) to the option of full management accounts receivables (which allows many smaller clients to focus on growing their business rather than chasing outstanding invoices.

Trade Finance

Trade Finance can provide you with fast funding for stock, inventory and raw materials so you don’t have to turn away new orders. Use a revolving line of credit to pay your overseas or local suppliers, when you need it, in almost any currency. Transactions can be facilitated using TT (telegraphic transfer), Letter of Credit or Documents against payment.

Our Commercial Finance Brokers work with multiple lenders who specialise in providing a flexible finance package to give you more purchasing power on simple or complex trade requirements, both domestic and international.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Financing involves securing a line of credit by using unpaid or outstanding invoices as collateral. You receive a cash advancement on your outstanding invoices, meaning you don’t have to wait for slow or late paying clients that might restrict cash flow. Invoice Finance can tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether all invoices from a particular supplier need financing or only selective invoices.

Invoice Finance can be a great option if you don’t wish for your customers to know that your seeking finance on their unpaid invoices.

Short Term Finance

Has your business ever missed out on an opportunity that could have been a game changer if they had better access to cash?

Our Commercial Finance Brokers work with a panel of lenders who specialise in short term cash flow finance. These lenders believe in where your business could be and not just where it is. Applications can be as simple as providing your business bank statements with a finance decision within 24 hours.

Short term finance can be useful when you need capital fast, to invest in vehicles, equipment or to fund your growth.

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