Why us?

Sokudo Finance is run by an experienced group of Bankers.

The group has systems and processes in place to ensure a timely out come and keep you updated by phone, email and SMS each step of the way.

You don’t always know which bank will suit you best. Each bank has a different way of doing things and you could be accepted by one bank and declined by another. This is all part of their group lending strategy.

Sokudo Finance have great relationships with over 40 different lenders which means that they will help you find the right bank for you, the first time.

The team at Sokudo Finance will often workshop your scenario with a bank – without making an application. This allows them to get an indication as to which bank may like to consider lending you money, all without having to make an application or have a credit check done.

What does this mean to you? This means fewer credit checks and less time you have to spend making applications to all the different banks.

Banks are limited to their individual products, we make the job easier for you and fit your circumstances to the right bank.

Sokudo Finance – One point of contact with access to so many.

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